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Living in an hygenic environment is what everyone needs, Cleaning a Villa is said to be one of the most tedious task and takes good amount of time. We at Volga helps to stay in a clean environment by offering various Cleaning services at your doorstep.
Volga offers beyond imagination services that cater your needs and helps you stay in a clean house, Professional Cleaners with a great track records is there to help you always with the best of experience. A Volga Trained professionl’s single visit may help you with your needs.
Volga pledges to provide the highest value for money in terms of cleaning services with highest level of customer satisfaction.
  • Floor cleaning and Scrubbing
  • Vaccumming
  • Mopping of floors, carpets, rugs and stairs
  • Clean & sanitize toilet bowl, tank and lid
  • Cleaning cabinets, cupboards and woodwork
  • Dust and Stain free Villa is what we gurantee

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